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Jiggs Kalra

For Jiggs Kalra

Bhoomi is an homage to the late Jiggs Kalra, who pioneered ultra-fine dining for Indian cuisine, introduced the concept of the celebrity chef to India, and is referred to as the Czar of Indian food.

Jiggs authored seven bestselling cookbooks, one of which is regarded as the “food bible” of Indian cuisine. He was a beloved and revered food show host on national television and the first Asian to be inducted into the international food and beverage gourmet hall of fame.

meet the husband-and-wife team of Ajit & Sukhu Kalra
Photo of Bhoomi Owners


Born in New Delhi, India, Ajit Kalra was raised in and around professional kitchens idolizing his father, the culinary giant Jiggs Kalra. This exposure shaped Ajit’s love for the culinary arts as he evolved to be an advanced home cook. Ajit conceived of the idea for Bhoomi with a mission to introduce the American palette to fresh, crave worthy, grilled Indian kebabs in a contemporary and approachable way. The recipes used at Bhoomi are adapted from the unfinished book that Jiggs and Ajit were working on.


Growing up in Chandigarh, India, enjoying the freshest food using the highest quality farm to table ingredients was a central part of Sukhu’s family. Surrounded by advanced cooks and with access to the best dairy, meat, and produce, she learned to cook exceedingly well at an early age. Applying her culinary knowledge and skills to a career, she launched and operated a food truck business in Chicago in 2012. Sukhu is immensely passionate about social justice and ecological responsibility and intends for Bhoomi to stand as a purpose driven business that creates meaningful and positive impact on the community it serves.

Photo of Bhoomi Owners

The couple live with their 2 young children in the Chicagoland area. Hybrid products of the US and Indian cultures, these epicureans have a vision to make Indian food a mainstay in America.